GEDS ENCORE – Carpe Vinum by Gary Bird

  Two versions of the play were broadcast, they can be watched by clicking the appropriate link:


May 26th Version: Carpe Vinum: Bianco

by Gary Bird


June 9th Version: Carpe Vinum: Rosso

by Gary Bird with additional material by Gabriel Bird  

A big thank you to Gary Bird for his clever script “Carpe Vinum,” a madcap satire on current affairs that took us around the globe for some much-needed lighthearted distraction!

Kudos to actors Lance Newhart, as steady anchorman Troy Baxter, and Gabriel Bird, impressively playing half a dozen international correspondents, for their pitch perfect performances and for navigating with professionalism the unpredictable technological perils of a live streamed Zoom performance !!👏👏👏

Lance Newhart …….Anchorman Troy Baxter

Gabriel Bird………….the following international correspondents:

Hamad in Istanbul

Demetrios in Athens

Luigi in Rome

Zhaffar in « Jastanistan »

Ian in London

Clint in New York