GEDS ENCORE – As You Like It – performed in 2012

AsĀ  You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s light-hearted comedies — a realĀ  fairytale (though without the fairies!).

There is the expected well-stirred mix of poetry and philosophy in this much loved play and everyone lives happily ever after, but not before going through a bit of mild torment.

There is sibling rivalry, betrayal and banishment – but song and laughter too – and over all the dappled sunlight of the Forest of Arden … where things are not always what they seem.

The production was performed in 2012 and Director Frances Favre assembled a strong cast of newcomers and familiar faces to bring this delightful play to life – it was a great start to GEDS’ 80th anniversary year – don’t miss it second time around!


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  Video by Brian Thomas