Peer Gynt

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Peer Gynt

by Henrik Ibsen

Peer Gynt, son of a poor farmer's widow from Norway's mountains, meets us as a liar, romancer, and braggadocian, trying to escape his life's sober and miserable reality by adjourning to his fantasies. Yet soon enough, the borders between dream and truth commence to blur: He abducts a bride, enters the kingdom of the mountain trolls, fights invisible demons, travels over the sea to become a fabulously rich merchant in the New World, just to lose his wealth again, poses as the returned Prophet among a Bedouin tribe, crosses the Sahara to engage in a conversation with the Sphinx of Giza, and nearly ends up in the madhouse of Cairo. All his life, he finds himself driven by the quest for his true Empire: Will he find it at the close? -- Up to this day, Peer Gynt is considered as the national epic of Norway and one of the most influential inspirations of modern fantasy literature.


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