Alpha Beta

 Playreading of

Alpha Beta

by E.A. Whitehouse

E. A. Whitehead has written a piece containing many unpleasant truths which any audience can verify from their own lives. It is a study of collapsing marriage, spread over nine years, and running from an ingrained series of rows, sexual frustration and miserable compromises. The husband wanting a divorce and his unforgiving wife both feeling deceived: he suffering under the guilt-ridden complex that no other man could possibly want his wife, and she bearing the ultimate challenge of their existence. The pathos of shared domestic objects, and the way in which any simple little job can briefly change antagonists into allies, keeps the audience in suspense until the very end.


Uptown-Geneva SA
Rue de la Servette 2, 1201 Genève

Time / Date

March 23rd at 19:30